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UL Lafayette Ragin Cajuns Competition Robot Team wins 1st Place

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Please join me in congratulating our Robot Team!

The UL Lafayette Ragin Cajuns Competition Robot Team did it again. Did what? --- First Place !!! -- in the IEEE Region 5 Robotics competition, held in Kansas City, Missouri. Competing head to head in three rounds, against 29 teams from other major universities, the UL Lafayette Ragin Cajuns Robotics Team took 1st place. The team whose members include Mr. Devin Duhon, Mr. Macade Husband, Mr. Olan (Trey) LeMaire, and Mr. Jason Risbourg, their Professor / Advisor, Dr. Paul Darby, and mentors, Mr. Pat DuBois, Mr. Jason Bush, and Mr. Alex Lanclos (from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) worked hard to take home the 1st place award. This is the second 1st place award in a row for the Ragin Cajuns. Shown in the photo from left to right: Dr. Paul Darby, Mr. Macade Husband, Mr. Jason Risbourg, Mr. Olan (Trey) LeMaire, and Mr. Devon Duhon. In recent years the Ragin Cajuns IEEE Robot team has placed 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, and now 1st and 1st places. This is "huge," said Dean Mark Zappi, of UL Lafayette's College of Engineering. This is more than just luck, said faculty mentor, Dr. Paul Darby, the Ragin Cajuns have a method. Student team lead, Jason Risbourg added, we don't just try to build a robot, we go in knowing that our mission is to build a winning robot. We go in to win! Next Year's competition is in Denver Colorado. The Ragin Cajuns aim to compete vigorously that one too, said Dr. Paul Darby. We always aim to win!

The Ragin Cajuns would like to thank their sponsors, who so generously support their winning Ragin Cajun Team, including SASOL, Instrumentation Society of America, Golf, IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), Mr. David Pierce, and Mr. Alex Lanclos.