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Electrical Engineering Spring 2021 Senior CAPSTONE Design Oral Presentations

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Spring 2021 Senior CAPSTONE Design Oral Presentations, the for Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, were given on Monday, March 26, 20201.  Our Department Head is Dr. Magdy Bayoumi, and the Capstone Design Instructor for these worthy students is Dr. Paul Darby, a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Louisiana.

Click one of four selected presentations below to watch the video.


Please see information below regarding each of nine oral presentations. All nine presentations titles and timeslots of all the presentations and presenter's names are listed.

Timeslot 1: 8 am to 8:50 : Design 2 Benthic Rover Team
Presenters: Luke Becker, Harry Duhon, Aaron Granger, Hunter Quartrevingt, and Joseph Venable

Timeslot 2: 9 am to 9:50 : Design 1 Package Delivery Robot Team
Presenters: Aaron Vilar, Jonathan Ledet, and Cameron Thibodeaux

Timeslot 3: 10 am to 10:50 : Design 2 IEEE Robot Team
Presenters: Hermes Amendola, and Caine Cormier

Timeslot 4: 11 am to11:50 : Design 2 CAPE CDH-X Team
Presenters: Michael Courville, Trent Devillier, Evan Soileau, and Nick Stephan

Timeslot 5: 1 pm to 1:50 : Design 2 Virtual Robotics Lab Enhancements Team
Presenters: Eric Guerin, and Lam Duy Bao Le

Timeslot 6: 2 pm to 2:50 : Design 1 Microtube Hydroforming Team
Presenters: Bradley Castille, Diep Tran, and Brock Cambre

Timeslot 7: 3 pm to 3:50 : Design 1 Benthic Rover Team
Presenters: Aaron Crain, Alexander Mayer, Sean Cantrelle

Timeslot 8: 4 pm to 4:50 : Design 1 Friction Stir Team
Presenters: Charles Kreamer, and Dylan Bordelon

Timeslot 9: 5 pm to 5:50 : Design 1 Deep Space Radio Team
Presenters: Dustin Chiasson, Jude Eschete, and Jase Mayorga