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Electrical and Computer Engineering Scholarships Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Academic Year

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Engineering & Technology (E&T) Week 2022

This year’s Engineering & Technology (E&T) Week was a huge success beginning with Research Day, followed by

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Dr. Burke Huner Endowed Scholarship
Recipient: Mr. Sean Cantrelle

Senior Achievement Scholarship
Recipient: Mr. Charles Kreamer

Daniel G. Egan Scholarship
Mr. Charles Kreamer
Mr. Gabriel Roy
Mr. Conner Colligan
Mr. Benjamin Joubert

Hirem Russel Mason Scholarship
Mr. Lucas Blanchard
Mr. Blake Theriot
Mr. Sean Cantrelle

Harold Callais Scholarship
Mr. Alex Tate
Mr. Savion Siner
Mr. Noah Garza

Mac Hays / Teche Electric Scholarship
Recipient: Mr. Brock Cambre

Pugh Family Scholarship
Mr. Kaleb Guillot
Mr. Bryce Turney
Mr. Cameron Moosa
Ms. Sera Denias
Mr. Ethan Hoggard
Ms. Alyssa Williams
Mr. Jacob Vice
Mr. Traelyn Brasseaux
Ms. Inga Woods-Waight
Mr. Peter Ho
Mr. Alex Tate
Mr. Connor Martin
Mr. Nhan Nguyen
Mr. Lucas Blanchard
Mr. Jude Eschete
Mr. Parker Grand

From Left to Right:
Inga Woods-Waight, Alyssa Williams, Sera Denias, Lucas Blanchard, Mr. Nick Pugh, Alex Tate, Connor Martin, and Jude Eschete

CLECO Scholarship
Recipient: Mr. Xavier LeBeouf

Dr. Felix Boudreaux Scholarship
Recipient: Mr. Alexander Mayer

IEEE Felix J. Boudreaux Scholarship
Recipient: Mr. Harley Nelson

AIAA Digital Avionics Scholarship
Recipient: Mr. Alex Tate

Dr. Magdy Bayoumi Scholarship
Recipient: Mr. Dang Nguyen

La. Telecom Assn. Grad Scholarship
Mr. Atiqur Rahaman
Mr. Maliha Mahazabeen

Vincent Forte Grad Scholarship
Recepient: Mr. Grant Melancon