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Engineering & Technology (E&T) Week 2022

This year’s Engineering & Technology (E&T) Week was a huge success beginning with Research Day, followed by Quiz Bowl, EXPO Day, Mystery Design and ending by a banquet that celebrated all of you!  I am so proud of the College faculty, staff, and students and how we all came together to make E&T week a great success.  Here are a few statistics from the week:

40 graduate posters and 28 undergraduate posters

25 graduate and undergraduate presentation applications
1188 registered visitors for EXPO Day
25 visiting industry and others who had exhibits and exciting challenges for our visitors and students
256 student volunteers to help throughout the week, but mainly on EXPO Day
37 judges in several categories

We received excellent feedback from our visitors. Students and parents were amazed with what our college and our students are accomplishing.    A special thank you to the faculty who came in to help on EXPO Day.  We needed you and you were there.

All in all, it was a great week, thank you for all your support.  Below, please find the list of winners in all categories.  Congratulations to the winners and to all competitors.  It was an impressive show of Cajun ingenuity throughout the week.


Presentation Competition Winners

Undergraduate Presentation Winners

Place Name DEPT Faculty Advisor Title
Winner Jaimee Bull MCHE Ms. Yasmeen Qudsi Locating Metacarpal Fractures Through Machine Learning Using One-Stage Object Detection
Finalist Kaleb Guillot EECE Dr. Paul Darby PREFER
Finalist Allie Moodie MCHE John Carroll Technoeconomic Study of a Hybrid Propulsion System for Greener Narrowbody Commercial Aircraft
Finalist Zachary Primeaux EECE Dr. Farzad Ferdowsi ML-Enabled String Detection in Additive Manufacturing

Graduate Presentation Winners

Place Name DEPT Faculty Advisor Title
Winner Justin Courville MCHE Dr. Seonhee Jang Effect of Sintering Atmospheres on Silver Nanoparticle Patters for Flexible Radio Frequency Identification Devices
Finalist Lisa S. Dizon CHEE Dr. Emmanuel Revellame Evaluation of the Effects of Methanotrophic Growth Conditions on Methane Biocatalysis for Lipid Production: An Initiative Towards Climate Change Mitigation
Finalist Rauf Mahmudzade CHEE Dr. Dilip Depan Examining Photodegradaton Mechanisms of Thermoset Shape Memory Polymers
Finalist Haitham Saad CIVE Dr. Emad Habib Dredging the Vermilion River: Benefits and Consequences Using Hydrodynamic Modeling


Poster Competition Winners

Undergraduate Poster Winners

Place Name DEPT Faculty Advisor Title
1st Lucile Fonseca CHEE Dr. Emmanuel Revellame Photobioreactors in Series for Air Revitalization and Wastewater Treatment in a Space Station
2nd Hailey Privat CHEE Dr. Dilip Depan Graphene Nanoscroll Lyophilization and Application
3rd Fernando Torres CIVE Mr. Wayne Sharp Louisiana Highways Right of Way CO2 Sequestration

Graduate Poster Winners

Place Name DEPT Faculty Advisor Title
1st Afaq Ahmad Durran CIVE Dr. Muhammad Jamal Khattak Mitigating Reflective Cracking in Composite Pavements of Louisiana
2nd Chelsea Zeringue CHEE Dr. Mark Zappi Production of Green Adhesives from Sustainable Proteins Derived From Urban Based Sewage Sludge
3rd Ali Jafarian Abianeh EECE Dr. Farzad Ferdowsi Vulnerability Identification and Remediation of FDI Attacks in Islanded DC Microgrids Using Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Departmental Awards

Quiz Bowl 1st Place – Chemical Engineering

2nd Place – Engineering Technology

3rd Place – Civil Engineering
Mystery Design 1st Place – Electrical & Computer Engineering

2nd Place – Chemical Engineering

3rd Place – Engineering Technology
Most Spirited Department Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dean's Cup 1st Place - Chemical Engineering

2nd Place - Mechanical Engineering

3rd Place - Civil Engineering
Departmental Project 1st Place - Chemical Engineering

2nd Place - Petroleum Engineering

3rd Place - Mechanical Engineering
Esprit De Corps 1st Place - Engineering Technology

2nd Place – Chemical Engineering

3rd Place – Electrical & Computer Engineering
Department of the Year 1st Place - Chemical Engineering

2nd Place – Electrical & Computer Engineering

3rd Place – Civil Engineering