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Research Labs

A large percentage of the total floor space available to the department is earmarked for a number of laboratories, underscoring the high value that we ascribe to hands-on learning experiences throughout our curriculum. The main instructional undergraduate laboratories are the circuits laboratory, the digital logic laboratory, the microprocessor laboratory, the electronics laboratory, the computer laboratory, the control laboratory, and the communications laboratory. Additionally a power engineering laboratory is being reshaped with modern equipment. A senior design laboratory in MDSN 251 houses the robotics project as well as other senior design projects. The CAPE (Cajun Advanced Picosatellite Experiment) laboratory in MDSN 146 supports senior design projects related to the CAPE mission. In addition to area-specific equipment, these laboratories are equipped with standard electronic test and measurement equipment such as oscilloscopes, signal sources, meters and a variety of electronic components. A full list of equipment is available in Appendix C. The department’s annual operating budget is generally sufficient for periodic replenishment of components and for repairs to equipment. Overall management of the labs is the responsibility of a full time Laboratory manager. Shelby Williams, our current Lab Manager, holds a BSEE degree and is well versed in maintenance of electronic equipment and computer systems.


MotoSolver Dyno-Kit Electric Motor Varian Triode Pump
Oscilloscope Model 54621D
Agilent Waveform Generator Feedback Testing Unit/Servo Trainer Denform Lathe Machine
HP Oscilloscope
Dell Computer
Trainer Electronic Student
Gateway Computer
Feedback Function Generator

Power Supply AC-DC Leader Oscilloscope Micro Computer Stroboscope
Power Supply AC-DC
Panel Control
Station AC DC Synchronous Controller Motor AC
Power Supply AC-DC
Relay Electric Function