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Teaching Labs

The auditorium has been recently updated with new seating as well as new projection equipment and a “Smart Board.” Further, there is another “Smart classroom” in MDSN 105, equipped with overhead projection equipment, and this facility is used by a number of EECE instructors as well as those from other departments. Finally, the computer lab in MDSN 249, with 25 desktop computers, an instructor station, white boards and projection screens, is used as a hands-on classroom for computationally intense classes such as EECE 260 (Numerical Methods) and EECE 461 (Control Systems).

The main instructional undergraduate laboratories are the circuits laboratory, the digital logic laboratory, the microprocessor laboratory, the electronics laboratory, the computer laboratory, the control laboratory, and the communications laboratory. Additionally a power engineering laboratory is being reshaped with modern equipment. A senior design laboratory in MDSN 251 houses the robotics project as well as other senior design projects. The CAPE (Cajun Advanced Picosatellite Experiment) laboratory in MDSN 146 supports senior design projects related to the CAPE mission. In addition to area-specific equipment, these laboratories are equipped with standard electronic test and measurement equipment such as oscilloscopes, signal sources, meters and a variety of electronic components.

The EECE Department has adequate in-house computing resources to support its academic mission. The computer lab in MDSN 249 has 25 Windows-based computer workstations each equipped with software such as Matlab/Simulink, LabView, PSpice, MultiSim, Opnet, etc. The Matlab class (EECE 260) is taught here, and other courses that use Matlab (or any of the other software) significantly use the lab to meet for specific sessions.

This lab also has Microsoft Office products and internet access available and is open to students during all regular working hours.