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Mission:  Education. CAPE-4 will offer STEM K-12 students and partner universities direct, hands-on participation in CubeSat design. These educational payloads will be designed and configured by K-12 STEM schools and the partner universities.
Secondary Mission:  Science. CAPE-4 will carry the Enhanced, Astronaut-Wearable Radiation Meter for Operation in Potential Radiation Environments. This experiment is a continuation of CAPE-3's ARMOR payload in collaboration with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette's Physics Department.
Payloads:  ADCS, Star Tracker System, Power System, CDH System, Radio Systems, Partner University Payloads
Launched:  T.B.D.
Launch Provider: ​ T.B.D.
Launched From:  T.B.D.
Status:  In development by the students of CAPE.
Launch Video:  T.B.D.